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How Professional Food Photography Takes Your Restaurant To The Next Level

When it comes to professional food photography here at Embark Marketing, we pride ourselves on knowing all the tricks of the trade to make your dish or cocktail look just as amazing online, as it does in person. Our digital content creator has put together three quick tips to help you emulate their skills with your very own dishes!

Stock Photos

When you want to showcase your menu items individually, stock photos are best. This allows guests to see the way the food looks and how it will be served when they order at the restaurant. First, you want to make sure you find an area around the restaurant with good lighting, these photos are taken close up with the dish in a full-frame. Some photos are taken using depth of field – where the dish is in focus and everything else is blurred, while others are entirely in focus. Typically we take these on tables with textured backgrounds, that way the photos aren’t dull or plain. 

White box stock photos are useful for putting on your website or online ordering page, it is essentially a box with translucent sides that the dish is placed in. These types of food photos allow guests to see the dish for what it is with no other distractions in the image. 

Styled Photos

In these photos, we incorporate hands and props to achieve a look and feel that’ll draw the customer in, and evoke hunger. Photos include someone cutting into the food, and lifting the fork/spoon. Depending on which client, we use different props that fit their aesthetic. For example, these are some styled photos we took for our client Kaffeinated. They are a highly feminine/instagrammable restaurant, therefore we used props such as a designer handbag, sunglasses, and lipstick. 


Our client The Hayden has plants and greenery displayed throughout their restaurant, which is why with their styled photos we use plants as props. It represents their branding.

Spread Shots

These types of photos consist of multiple dishes and beverages spread out on a table. These images are best for promoting a variety of menu items or the launch of a new menu, holiday/special menu, etc. It shows all the dishes in one shot. When taking spread shots you want to bring the dishes closer together, in order to prevent showing so much dead space.  Here are examples of what a spread shot is:

This is a spread shot we did for The Hayden’s new dinner menu launch:

We hope if you’re looking to create professional food photography for your restaurant or bar, that these tips will be of great help in achieving the look you’re going for! If you are still feeling stuck, no worries, we can help! Our team at Embark Marketing can provide photography and other services to you and your business. Contact us here and we’ll be sure to reach out.