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Food and Beverage Consulting for Small Business Owners

Did you know that 60 percent of restaurants fail within a year of opening? Almost 80 percent do not get to celebrate their 5th anniversary. Now imagine if each of those restauranteurs had spent time on a market development strategy before opening their business. At Embark Marketing, we offer proven strategic planning that keeps our clients at the top of their game and hungry customers coming through their doors!


However, we understand that not every restaurant or budget is ready for a full marketing bonanza! This is why we offer consulting for restauranters to empower themselves with proper marketing techniques & set them up for success in an oversaturated & immensely competitive market.


We offer three types of consulting services for the food and beverage industry.

Types of Consulting Services We Offer

Concept Viability Consulting for the Food & Beverage Industry

Have an amazing idea for a restaurant concept? We offer consulting services for launching new restaurants & bars.

What’s Included

  • Viability Research
    • We seek out similar concepts, & provide market research for concept viability by taking into account current market trends, target demographics, and concept feasibility as well as potential competitors for clients
  • Concept Analysis
    • Utilizing this research, we determine the likelihood of success for the restaurant concept within the proposed geographic area.
  • Presentation
    • At the conclusion of our analysis, we schedule a presentation in order to go over our findings and offer recommendations for potential improvements to the concept.

Technology Integration Services

Is your restaurant struggling with upgrading to the 21st century? Even without maintaining a social presence online, all restaurants still need tech for online ordering, POS systems, & connecting to 3rd party apps. 


With the myriad of different options for everything from online ordering to POS systems to email marketing platforms, to reservation systems, it can be extremely overwhelming. All too often, we see our clients shelling out hundreds, if not thousands of extra dollars on several technologies that have overlapping features or that do not integrate seamlessly with their system. Not only does this cause confusion on the part of the customer, but frustration on the owner’s part to try to learn the ins & outs of each application’s features.


We offer consultation services for new and existing restaurants that streamlines your online systems, providing the possibility of saving hundreds, & the opportunity to consolidate the amount of 3rd party systems you need to maintain.

What’s Included

  • Research
    • After years of experience in the food & beverage marketing industry, we’ve come across every POS system, email marketing platform, content management system, & reservation system there is. We research which of these options is the best for your brand & goals.
  • Analysis
    • Taking into consideration your already existing systems, we provide analysis as to which systems are not be utilized to their fullest potential and which ones are unnecessary or ultimately detrimental to your business. In addition, we do a cost comparison to ensure the best fit for all of our customers.
  • Presentation
    • At the conclusion of our research & analysis, we schedule a presentation in order to go over our findings and offer recommendations for potential improvements to the current systems. For an additional fee, we can implement & set up the new integrations or clean up existing ones.

Strategic Planning

Ready to dip your toe into the marketing pool, but not sure where to start? Embark Marketing offers strategic planning for small businesses to implement on their own. We set you up with all the tools you need to make your mark & offer suggestions on how to best make a splash across social media while still maintaining your brand’s authenticity. Combined with our Grand Opening marketing package, strategic planning ensures you have a roadmap to success for your digital presence.

Essentially, our strategic planning consultation package is a combination of our other two packages but, with the added benefit of additional resources and long term strategies for keeping your brand in front of customers’ eyes.

What’s Included

  • Analysis & Strategy Development
    • Initially, we meet with you to determine the vision you have for your restaurant and the goals you would like to achieve. After initial research & analysis, we develop a personalized strategy that includes marketing evaluation, demographic considerations, and our knowledge of what works on social media. We point you in the right direction & give you the tools to complete your goals.
  • Accountability Tracking
    • Need help staying on track? For an additional fee, we offer accountability tracking to help keep you on track with your goals. We’ll check in & remind you of important deadlines coming up, offer advice on further building your customer base, & general support for ensuring you meet your goals.

Embark Marketing has consulted on dozens of market development strategy sessions! We have years of experience both in the food & beverage consulting business as well as the industry itself & understand that restaurant owners do not always have the energy for anything other than getting ticket times down & tables bussed. Contact us today to discuss a convenient time for a consultation!