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SEO, Website, & Ad Copywriting Services for the Food & Beverage Industry

So, what does a copywriter do exactly? Copywriting is just a fancy way of saying a writer for advertising or publicity materials, usually in a persuasive manner. Copywriting can also refer to writers who specialize in writing for websites utilizing best practices for Search Engine Optimization & end user readability. Not only prolific wordsmiths, their writing serves the tri purpose of being informative, instructional, & persuasive.

Types of Copywriting

SEO Website Copywriting

Copywriting for websites involves incorporating specific search terms or keyword phrases into the text, or ‘copy’, on each page of your website. Part of the larger SEO picture, website copywriting is key to driving traffic to your brand from across the web. The trick is to write copy that both enhances and informs the user experience while simultaneously providing search engines with customized keyword content. Copywriting differentiates itself from content writing in that content writing is generally used to build consumer trust & brand identity whereas copywriting is more informative, advertorial, & focuses on marketing an item or service.

Things to Consider When Choosing Keywords for Your Website

  • Target Audience
    • What type of consumer are you trying to reach? Families? 20 Somethings?
  • Competitors
    • This is especially important in the Food & Beverage industry. Knowing what keywords your direct competitors are using to attract customers is a great way to have an edge.
  • Area of Expertise
    • What do you want your brand to be known for? SEO copywriting is great for showcasing what you do best!

So, how does that actually translate into text on a page? That’s where we come in. Take a look at a recent SEO Audit we did for the brunch spot, The Box Street Social, in San Antonio, Texas.

At Embark Marketing, our web team has extensive experience in the website copywriting services field. We can provide an assessment of your current website as well as suggestions for improvement for better visibility from your target audience. If you are just starting out, we can build a comprehensive marketing plan that includes SEO keyword assessment & copywriting for your restaurant’s site.

Ad Copywriting

Ad copywriting differs from SEO website copywriting in both length and persuasiveness. Usually much shorter, ad copywriting has to compel users to take action on the information presented. While it is still important to pepper in keywords within ad copywriting, your main goal is to have potential customers click through to make a purchase, explore your website, or follow you on social media. By building familiarity with your brand, ads can persuade customers to make a purchase long after their initial exposure.  


Most consumers will only click on an ad when their interest has been piqued. In the restaurant business, this means enticing customers with stunning visuals of tasty food & an offer of perceived value. When presented with a decision, the majority of people will choose the option that they think will either give them the biggest bang for their buck or that is the least hassle to obtain. This is also why the customer journey is such an important aspect to consider when choosing a POS System, website, & internal operational standards as most people will not jump through hoops to order from you. You must make the process as painless, seamless, & pleasant as possible.


Ad copywriting is included in all of Embark Marketings ad buying packages. This includes ads for social media, Google, reputation management sites such as Yelp, & in print publications.


Interested in our ad or website copywriting services or want to include them in overall marketing strategy? Give us a call or click here to get in touch with us about assisting your restaurant or bar today.