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Trusted Partners

Over the years we have been in contact with hundreds of various supporting industries for food service, including POS systems, email marketing companies, web content management systems, and others designed to give you a leg up over the competition through technology. We have seen many come and go and have found several that deliver quantifiable results or make your life as a restaurant or bar owner easier. Below are some of our favorite trusted partners that we have had the pleasure of working with over the past decade-plus.

Toast POS

Several of the restaurants we have helped over the years have used Toast POS to manage their in house & online presence. We have found great success with using them not only for an an in house Point of Sale system, but for email marketing, guest engagement, online ordering & more. We have found them to be a valuable tool in the Post Covid era.

Full Plate AR Menus

This innovative technology puts your food in front of hungry customers. They scan a QR code, & a fully 3D version of your dish appears on the table in front of them. Touted as the next big thing in the food & beverage world, this tech has show up to a 30% increase in food sales. Use code EMBARK2023 when signing up for a 10% discount on their service!

BentoBox CMS

BentoBox CMS has been specifically designed for restaurants & includes ready out of the box websites that house important aspects for restaurant owners including menu management, localization services, email collection & more. Sign up for one of their sites today & use our code Embar60 to receive 50% off their set up fee!


One of the most trusted reputation & customer experience platforms, Yelp has been a mainstay for more than a decade. Embark Marketing has partnered with Yelp to provide our clients with exclusive offers. Contact us for more information.


A staple for displays for restaurants and bars, Atmosphere TV has the market cornered on providing on screen entertainment for the food & beverage industry. Click the link below for an exclusive offer for our clients.

Smart Tab

This POS system is designed specifically for bars. A robust customer journey, tons of features, and streamlined operations are what you'll find in this Point of Sale system built by former bartenders & servers.


Boasting an average increase in profit by $150,000 a year, Milagro is a newer POS system that has some promising results. Their focus on personalized marketing, and the customer experience make them stand out in today's competitive market.


This innovate ordering system is great for bars & restaurants alike. Allowing for AI driving addons, waiter-less ordering through QR codes at the table and so much more. Contact us today for more info on Me&U!


This advanced online ordering system allows for you to place your restaurant on 20 high profile sites. Additionally, ChowNow has it's own app with options for premium placement. Contact us today for an exclusive offer!


Squarespace is the go to for web design for several of our clients due to them being easily updateable without having to learn code or worry about many aspects of traditional websites. Contact us for exclusive discounts & expertly designed custom sites.

Want to learn more about our trusted partners?

We are here to answer any questions before you commit and give you recommendations based on your unique situation & budget concerns.