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Providing restaurants with mobile friendly website designs 

Restaurant Web Development

We offer a variety of website solutions to fit any budget & focus on mobile friendly designs for all of our food and beverage clients.



Wordpress has essentially become the industry standard in terms of CMS’s or Content Management Systems. While WordPress is most likely going to be your most expensive option for a website, it does come with the most complete customization & SEO options for your business, but does need pretty regular maintenance to ensure quality & compatibility. While the initial cost of building a WordPress site may deter some restaurantaurs from choosing this option, it is a great solution for many who see themselves planning for the long term.


BentoBox is a fairly new CMS that is designed specifically for the restaurant industry. While this option does require a monthly subscription that can ultimately end up costing more than a WordPress, it does include updates, site maintenance, & the initial build of the site. Also included is an integrated Online Ordering System that connects to most major POS systems, incorporating them into your kitchen ticket system without having to utilize yet another 3rd party system to the mix. Embark Marketing has partnered with BentoBox to provide our clients with discounted rates.


Squarespace has come a long way in the past few years. The advantages for going this route are numerous if you are just starting out with your business. Squarespace offers an easy option for a fast turnaround and provides tools for quick customization without the need for coding. While this can seem like the perfect solution for your business, things such as integration and lack of a true SEO method can be a disadvantage in comparison to a business with a WordPress or BentoBox.


Wix has been around for years & provides a complete visual coding option for businesses. Wix provides users with templates that can truly be completely customized. Combined with a robust marketplace for apps & customer support, Wix can be seen as the top choice for many restaurants.

Take a look at our Youtube Channel for examples
we’ve built for these four different CMS platforms.


We’ve talked a lot about SEO or Search Engine Optimization when talking about which website builder is best for your business and budget. But how important is it really? Short Answer… really important. Think about this: How often do you go past the second page when looking for something on Google? Exactly!


Learn more about Embark Marketing’s SEO solutions for new or existing websites here.