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Multi Location Marketing for Restauranteurs

Overwhelmed with more than one store? Embark offers multiple location & franchise marketing for food and beverage businesses that are breaking into new markets. You’ve already figured out how to franchise a restaurant but how do you ensure the quality of your brand stays consistent?


Brand Assets

You’ve already figured out how to franchise a restaurant but how do you ensure the quality of your brand stays consistent across all channels? What rules do your franchisees have to follow to ensure the quality of your brand? That’s where Embark Marketing can help, we work with you to provide franchisees with brand assets, company standards, FAQ’s & guidelines that can be easily downloaded and sent to new owners. This ensures a standard of quality across multiple locations, as well as presents a united brand identity for consumers.


In addition, our experience with introducing brands to new markets means we can anticipate a restaurants needs & ensure a smooth transition or expansion.

New Market Research & Brand Induction

Embark Marketing provides new market research strategies to ensure new locations are successful & properly represented. We connect with local traditional & digital media representatives to generate buzz as well as build relationships with local consumers with targeting advertising via social media. In addition, we actively search for opportunities to introduce brands via local events, contest campaigning, & landmark recognition to associate your restaurant or bar’s brand with the local population.


Pre planning is key when breaking into a new location & newer businesses are at a disadvantage in terms of brand recognition to new consumers. We find the best way to highlight your restaurant’s unique selling points & capitalize on which aspects of your business appeal to the new sector.

Clutch City Cluckers Burger in front of Williams Building

Online Franchise Management

In addition to Embark Marketing’s Grand Opening packages, we offer optimization of local business pages like Google My Business, Yelp, & Trip Advisor to ensure accuracy as well as provide reputation & ad management for franchise owners. Each month, we can provide you with a snapshot of each of your locations, provide feedback for each location as well as suggestions for individualized improvement. Since we have the unique opportunity to see every aspect of your business online & interact directly with your customers on a daily basis, we can offer an educated overview of your business as a whole as well as potential issues that have been brought to our attention through consumer feedback. Furthermore, Embark Marketing provides multi-location POS system management for online ordering & 3rd party delivery systems.

International Relationships

Introducing brands can be a terrifying experience that many restaurant owners are afraid to tackle alone. Most have no idea where to start, much less where to expand to internationally. 


Embark Marketing’s expertise extends beyond the US. We have successfully curated the expansion of several international brands, including Asian & Middle Eastern businesses. Both from an international market to the United States as well as introducing US brands to foreign markets abroad. Read about our latest venture to Jordan with our client, Clutch City Cluckers at the button below.

Hospitality Marketing

Integrated Hospitality Approach

Some of the best bars & restaurants are attached to hotels or event centers & present a unique opportunity to market to both locals and tourists alike. Embark Marketing offers packages that include marketing & online management for hotels and event centers in addition to our other services.


With the popularity of rental sites like Air BnB, it is even more important to curate a complete picture of all your hospitality establishment, & the advantages it provides. We can seamlessly incorporate your hotel, restaurant & surrounding amenities into a picture-perfect, attractive package for potential guests.

Hospitality Groups

Do you house several brands under one roof? Embark Marketing has worked with several hospitality groups over the years. We specialize in giving each brand the individualized attention and brand voice that they need to succeed while still maintaining the standards of the overall group.

Franchise Marketing At Its Finest

Feeling overwhelmed just thinking about taking the next step to break into a new sector? We can help! Let our multi location & franchise marketing experts facilitate your expansion with less headaches so you can focus on the actual operations of your endeavors. Even if you are not interested in utilizing our services & are just looking for advice on how to franchise a restaurant, we are here to assist you. Consider booking a consultation with our CEO to point you in the right direction.