Ad Buying - Media Ad Buying for Small Businesses
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Targeting Ad Buying for the Food & Beverage Industry

Ever wonder how those other brands snag spots on TV? The short answer is ad buying aka media buying and is the process of negotiating and purchasing advertising spots for television, radio, podcasts, magazines, newspapers, & websites.

Many restaurants forget to reserve a portion of their budget for advertising, leaving them very little leeway in terms of spreading the word about their business. Earned PR can only take a business so far, and relying on word-of-mouth advertising can be unreliable.

Types of Ad Buying

Media Planning

We work with each of our clients to develop an advertising strategy that maximizes their exposure within the target demographic. This process, known as media planning, should be completed before any ad buying takes place. During this discovery phase, we determine which approach would be best for your target audience, what exactly your goals are for the project, and how best to allocate your funds for maximum ROI & visibility. Media planning is also a great way to implement brand standards for your business & can be used as a roadmap for future marketing strategies. If you are not ready to commit to the media buying process, Embark Marketing still strongly recommends investing in media planning for future endeavors.

Media Buying: Direct vs. Programmatic Buying

Media buying can be broken down into Direct Buying & Programmatic Buying. Direct buying is the more traditional form of ad buying, involving forging bonds with publishers & news outlets in order to purchase a spot or space within their organization. This includes morning show appearances, special segments, podcast advertisements, as well as other traditional mediums. 


Programmatic Buying, on the other hand, is an automated process by which advertisers place their ads onto a demand-side platform or DSP. After selecting parameters determined during the media planning process, the system then sends out the advertising to available platforms within those parameters. The example of programmatic buying that most people are familiar with is Google AdSense, which allows for the setup and running of advertisements on a website through this automated process. While this is an oversimplification of the programmatic buying process, it is necessary to explain the main difference between direct buying.


Embark Marketing has developed relationships with all local tv stations & frequently goes through the media process for our clients. One advantage to having a media buying agency is that all you have to provide is the budget & we can do all the rest. 


For our content creation and social media clients, we can design & provide all assets for ads including copywriting for scripts, required paperwork for direct buying, as well as the process of programmatic buying. If you are looking for a full-service media buying agency that specializes in the food & beverage industry, you found us! Give us a call to discuss all aspects of digital media buying or click the button below to shoot us an email.

On-Air Talent

Embark Marketing can also find the best on air talent for your restaurant or bar. Many of our clients are not comfortable in front of the camera when it comes to interviews & news broadcasts and that is completely understandable. We can always step in and become the perfect representative for your brand, afterall, we know the business in & out and can always make sure your best assets are on display.

Local Readers Choice Competition Campaigning

There are so many local ‘best of’ or ‘readers choice’ competitions. Participation in these local contests are very valuable if you know how to leverage them. Even just campaigning to be the top choice can be an effective marketing tool & get your restaurant or bar in front of more eyes. Since these kinds of competitions are chosen by voters, winning one almost always guarantees a positive perception of your brand in the customer’s mind. 


In addition, whoever is hosting the voting, usually a local newspaper or media outlet, will almost always repost and promote restaurants that are participating in the contest for free across their social media.  


Looking to enhance your viewership on the campaigning platform with a specific publication? We can facilitate ad buying with local and national publications to entice readers to vote for your business. Additionally, we offer organic competition campaigning for those who wish to have the ultimate bragging rights of Best ___ in the City.