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SA Seafood Paid Segment Case Study

About SA Seafood

SA Seafood, located in the Fiesta Trails Shopping Center at 5222 De Zavala Rd, specializes in quick & hearty seafood options, fried rice, & lo mein. Their unique blend of spices & homemade sauces makes SA Seafood stand out in the oversaturated QSR Seafood market.

SA Seafood Sign

SA Seafood

5222 De Zavala Rd, 330, San Antonio, TX 78249

(210) 236-7777







Initially, Embark Marketing was contacted by SA Seafood in the summer of 2020, looking for help in all aspects of marketing. After opening in October of 2020, SA Seafood was looking for an extra boost of awareness for their business after the initial buzz of the grand opening had waned. In addition to influencer campaigns, online ads, & local partnerships, they especially wanted to make a splash with paid news segments. 

Embark Marketing set to work to identify the best opportunities available with local stations for SA Seafood as well as which options would align with their target demographics. It was decided that the best investment would be a paid news segment with KSAT’s Texas Eats.

SA Seafood’s first news segment debuted in early February of 2021. For the initial investment of $5,000, we were able to distribute content across the KSAT television audience, social & the web to approximately 300,000 online consumers in addition to the KSAT television viewing audience. As part of the negotiations, Embark was also able to add an additional airing of the original segment to the mix resulting in an additional boost to the brand in early March.

Results of Paid TV Segment

Since this was the first instance of large-scale advertising for SA Seafood, we saw a vast increase across the board in terms of engagement on social which was reflected in in-store sales with a month-to-month increase of over $24,000 between January & February of 2021. With the increased brand awareness, SA Seafood was able to maintain & increase profits well above $120,000 throughout the rest of the year.

In addition, we saw an increase to SA Seafood’s website of approximately 1,500 more visitors directly after the initial segment aired with spikes in visitor traffic also occurring directly after the second airing of the segment. Social engagement also received a boost from the Texas Eats Instagram & Facebook posts, with a 312.1% increase in engagement compared to the previous two months on Facebook alone. Additionally, profile actions increased 35.2% on Instagram,  residually affecting who was shown SA Seafood’s content due to the added activity. I.E. if Instagram knows people like what is happening on your page then they will show it to more people. This is also the reason behind so many social media giveaways & influencer campaigns.

SA Seafood Follower Growth – February 2021

Texas Eats Segment (Aired Feb 2021) – $5,000 investment

  • Distribution

    • 3-4 minute TV Segment

    • Social Media Post on Texas Eats – Approximately 300,000 followers

    • 2nd Airing of TV Segment

    • Reputable Link on (Good for Website SEO)

  • Results

    • January 2021 Profit $99,905.34

    • February 2021 Profit $124,792.57

    • MTM increase $24,887.23

Although it is almost impossible to analyze the intangible benefits of paid partnerships, SA Seafood did see sustained growth throughout 2021 & into 2022 with monthly profits well past the initial investment of $5,000. Embark Marketing believes that the increased brand awareness from the marketing campaign had an undeniable effect on the business. In terms of numbers alone, SA Seafood’s Texas Eats segment success is quantifiable, with an uptick in not only social & website engagement but customers through the door & profit into SA Seafood’s pocket.

SA Seafoods’ Texas Eats Segment

What Can Ad Buying Do For Your Business?

As you can see from SA Seafood, ad buying is an excellent way to spread the word about your business as well as access potential customers that would not be reachable utilizing other marketing avenues. While there are other, less expensive options in terms of generating a buzz, ad-buying can be used strategically to maximize exposure & ensure the most bang for your investment.

Do you think your restaurant or bar needs a boost in the marketing department? Contact us today to see how ad buying can best be used for your business. Click the button below to get in touch with us.