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Social Media Marketing in San Antonio

Are you looking for a way to incorporate a social media marketing strategy into your restaurant or bar business? Embark Marketing is a unique food & beverage marketing agency based out of San Antonio, Texas. Embark Marketing helps clients tackle social media marketing in a strategic way that produces results.

We’ve put together a guide to help you in your journey to leveraging social media marketing with your brand. First, we’ll discuss what social media marketing is and why you should be using it. Then, we’ll provide you with eight tips to help you get started in developing your social media marketing strategy.

What is Social Media Marketing & Why Should You Be Using It

Social media marketing uses social media platforms to drive engagement and promote a company’s products and services. Such platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more. Marketing on these platforms can include practices like posting to the page and stories, engaging with guests online, and developing ads.

Engaging allows companies to develop stronger relationships with their consumers. Companies who engage show that they care about the opinions and needs of those that they are serving. Posting allows for views to see content that displays the services or products that a company provides. Ad development helps to extend the post’s reach to a targeted audience where more eyes will see it.

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Tips to Help You Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Before you get started in your social media marketing journey, there are a few things you should know. Here are eight clear and concise tips you should know before you begin to market on social media.

  1. Clarify your goals

Before you can begin social media marketing, you need to first know what your goals are. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to gain followers? Improve conversion rates? Drive more traffic to your website? Whatever it is, you must have a purpose behind the content you produce if you want to see results.

2. Define your audience

Who are you trying to sell to? Defining your audience is critical to your marketing strategy. For example, Instagram is the ideal platform to use if you are trying to reach an audience of 18-34 year old women. But, if you are trying to market to an older male audience, LinkedIn would be your better option. Knowing your audience not only helps determine where you should post, but also what content to develop.

3. Analyze your competition

Part of your marketing strategy should be to take your competitors into consideration. So, before you begin posting content, take a look at your competitors’ marketing strategy. Identify their strengths and implement them in your own unique way when creating your strategy. Make sure to also take note of their weaknesses so you don’t replicate poor-performing content. 

4.  Consider your resources

How are you going to be posting content? Are you going to use a content scheduler? Be realistic. If you’re tackling social media marketing on your own, keep any limitations in mind as you plan. However, if you have a team at your disposal, take advantage of it!

5. Determine tone and frequency

Every company is unique in its own way, so make sure you show that. Is the voice funny? Informative? Sassy? Choose the one that best fits your audience and stick with it! Consistency is key!  So, make sure you are not posting randomly. Make a plan to post every other day or three times a week or whatever you know you can keep up with!

6. Identify core topics

Once you have your audience and voice defined, you should then decide what content you’re going to post. Once you have your topics identified, then plan out your content in advance. This will help in staying creative and not panicking to create something the day you want to post.

7. Engage your audience

Remember that engaging with your audience proves to them that their needs and opinions are being heard. Engaging with them reminds them of the human element behind the screen. Stay connected with your customers and grow your relationship with them.

8. Use analytics

Finally, review your stats on a frequent basis to see what’s working and what isn’t. Analytics will allow you to see the demographic of your audience as well as the best times to post. With this, you can analyze your performance based on the goals you set, and then make changes as necessary.


All in all, social media marketing allows you to promote your business and the products and services it offers. There is really no better growth strategy than that of social media marketing. So, follow these steps to allow your business to reach its full potential. And if you want some guidance along the way, Embark Marketing is here to help!