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Volare Italian: Six Month Case Study

About Volare Italian Restaurant

Volare Pizzeria has been a San Antonio staple for over 30 years. Their Italian cuisine is renowned for their quality ingredients and authentic flavors brought over from Naples by Chef Antonio Sorgente and passed down to his protégé, Eder Muniz, who is continuing the tradition.

Volare Pizzeria
3902 McCullough Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 251-3424
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Volare reached out to Embark Marketing to assist with improving their digital presence. Additionally, due the pandemic, they were in process of closing their Alamo Heights location & transitioning to one location inside of the historic Olmos Pharmacy building on McCullough Ave. They wanted to drum up some buzz on the new locations permeant residence.


In October of 2020, Embark Marketing was contacted by Volare for assistance revamping the brand’s digital image, social media presence & website. As with most restaurants during the pandemic, the shift to online ordering & the subsequent need to stay relevant, plus have a digital footprint in order to attract customers was the main focus for this San Antonio staple of Italian cuisine.

Social Media

In order to achieve this goal, Embark Marketing implemented strategies focusing on a strong & consistent social media presence, with daily posts that centered around the classic Italian fare that Volare is known for, as well as weekly specials designed to increase customer volume during the historically slower weekday periods.

Since October of 2020, average engagement across the three major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) increased with total impressions reaching over 50k; a 710% over prior impressions. This strategy also increased website traffic significantly, with 1,600 website link clicks directly from social posts. Engagement also soared, with interactions reaching nearly 24k, a 610% increase over previous. 

IVolare 6 month case study.png

Website Development

Initially, we were tasked with revamping Volare’s existing Squarespace site. Our approach was to incorporate bright & enticing food pictures, as well as a convenient order online link at the top of the page. This allowed us to quickly pivot Volare’s customers to a convenient system that allowed them to easily navigate & view pertinent information directly from the home page.

In addition, a page was set up to showcase daily lunch & dinner specials as well as the newly introduced Pizza of the Month special that was popular at their previous location. Since the restaurant website revamp, website visits have increased with 16k unique visitors during the 6 month period, and an average of 3-4k visits per month. The most popular pages being the menus & specials pages. Evidence of changes made, as well as a more in depth analysis can be found in our website case study here.

Email Marketing

Initially, Volare did not have an effective strategy to capture and retain emails from their guests. Embark implemented an email marketing campaign that encouraged guests to sign up for a newsletter from the restaurant. The restaurant offered 15% off the guests first visit upon signing up for the email list. The combination of the instant offer and stunning visuals of the food has resulted in 263 emails captured, and an email open rate of over 60%. 

Public Relations

In the six months since being hired by Volare, Embark Marketing was able to achieve a dozen press articles from major local news publications & online blogs. General topics include press for Volare’s Valentines Day heart shaped pizzas, a new catering concept dubbed ‘Pizzaiolo Parties,’ as well as numerous other daily specials & holiday celebrations. Embark March also achieved two live news segments that showcased Volare’s amazing food. You can see the full list of press articles on Volare’s website here.


Over the six month period, Embark Marketing was able to significantly increase Volare’s online presence, enhance their website engagement and achieve numerous press articles that culminated in an increase in sales for the business, as well as a loyal online following. With this strategy, Embark Marketing was able to help Volare stay afloat during the unprecedented times following the COVID-19 outbreak.

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