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Restaurant Social Media During Coronavirus

As coronavirus shapes new norms for day to day life, your restaurant’s presence on social media is quickly becoming the most important (and visible) avenue of communication between you and your customers. Now is the time to educate yourself on the most effective ways to leverage your presence on social media to adapt to these changing times.

The Importance of Social Media

As society has transitioned into a domesticated lifestyle more and more users are flocking to social media to pass the time and stay up to date with minute to minute changes. Social Media is the fastest form of communication and now more than ever the amount of users plugged in is at an all time high. With so many eyes online, your restaurant needs to be there too.

Content Creation Is Essential

Content is king, and it’s currency is shares, likes, and comments. The truth is, the way you chose to convey and display this content will determine your success during these times. If you’re willing to step in front of the camera, share your story, and take a look behind the scenes of how your business is being affected during this time, do so. Take the time to expand your restaurant’s social media during coronavirus and engage with your customers. Examples can include live cooking demos, as shown by Tim the Girl of The Good Kind Group.

If people love your food, that means they love you. They want to hear what you have to say. While your doors may be closed, take this time to show your customers what steps you are taking to ensure their meals are being cared for. Taking additional sanitary procedures? Show your customers how. Vocalize the procedures you’ve put in place to support your staff. Be authentic. Don’t be afraid to speak on your struggles because at the end of the day we all are.

Sanitary Measures

What Now?

It’s time to develop your strategy. Everyone’s eyes are on social media, it’s time to get them on you. Your restaurant’s social media presence during coronavirus is important. You may find yourself navigating a new terrain and that’s okay. With over 10 years of restaurant marketing experience Embark Marketing will be your map. Because we specialize in Food & Beverage Marketing, we know the unique challenges that are associated with the restaurant industry & offer solutions for businesses to be successful in the ever changing online world.