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67 Days of Summer, Mia, & Embark

Mia at Sweet Paris at La Cantera Mall
Mia at Sweet Paris at La Cantera Mall

“Welcome Mia, I’m Kim the CEO!”, sipping out of her coffee mug
“Oh, you’re a Sagittarius,” I noticed the zodiac symbol on the cup,”I’m a Libra.”
“Honey, we’re all Sagittarius here. Me, my husband, son, the dog, our cat!”
“My cat is a Gemini.”
“Is it weird that we know that about our cats?” We laughed.

I was excited to experience the food industry from a marketing perspective with Embark Marketing. Since working in various establishments throughout high school and college, I was eager to challenge my knowledge about the industry and try my hand at what I’m passionate about, marketing and restaurant service.

Mí Experience

With Kim, CEO of Embark Marketing, I was able to learn valuable skills in social media marketing, public relations, web development, SEO, and much more! We were tasked with numerous responsibilities daily. Kim guided us on assignments making the experience all the more valuable. The environment proved to match the fast-paced atmosphere of working in a restaurant. However, working with an accomplished figure in the marketing industry, I was able to gain hands-on experiences in different aspects of the field.

My favorite part of the internship was discovering new passions I was unaware of before. Writing blogs, accompanying in photoshoots, and learning the ins and outs of marketing was my favorite part of the experience. If I had to describe the experience with any movie reference (2019), I would choose Tony Stark and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Kim gives you one-on-one direction with your work but enough space for you to use your creativity.

Mia Embarks On!

I was grateful for the chance to work with Kim, Carolyn, Evalyn, at Embark Marketing. When working closely with the team, you start to feel like family. I feel bittersweet about leaving, however, eager to use the skills obtained towards future endeavors. The first conversation I had with Kim will always be my favorite start to new beginnings.