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SoHill Cafe in San Antonio, TX

SoHill Cafe Six Month Case Study

About SoHill Cafe

SoHill Cafe is located in the heart of Beacon Hill in San Antonio, TX. They are a neighborhood cafe with a cozy atmosphere, providing the local community a refreshing new spot to eat and drink. They offer specialty Italian food like fermented dough pizzas that are baked in a wood-burning oven, homemade pastas & fresh salads. Most importantly, they cook with fresh flavors, and quality, non GMO ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. For more information about SoHill Cafe, see below to check out their website and social media.

SoHill Cafe
1719 Blanco Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 455-2177
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


SoHill first engaged Embark Marketing in September of 2018 to develop a WordPress website & engage the local community for the grand opening of their business.

Embark Marketing took this opportunity to encourage the client to create a striking website that supported the guest experience, as well as engage in social media marketing and public relations to help increase brand awareness for the Grand Opening.

Website Development

When developing SoHill Cafe’s WordPress website, the client desired a responsive website that provided a clean look that was user friendly, mobile compatible & SEO enriched. Over the past six months, SoHill Cafe has been able to capture more organic traffic, generated through web browsers such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 

Social Media Marketing

Embark Marketing focused on three social media platforms for SoHill Cafe including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We felt that these platforms would be the most beneficial in order to reach the desired audience. The goal of SoHill Cafe’s social media was to build and maintain brand awareness and showcase their unique cuisine & talented staff. Below you can see our overall improvements and engagement of Sidecar social media.


Over the past six month Facebook page likes accumulated to 1,454 users. 
In the first quarter we saw a 336.11% increase and 
in the second quarter a 132.24% increase.

What does this mean?
Increasing likes on a Facebook page helps with overall marketing by being able to expose your content to a targeted audience. It validates that the posts are being seen, it shows loyalty to the business, In other words it can show the improvement of the business.

These charts help with the visual representation of the Facebook account over the past year.


Over the past six month Twitter followers grew to 90 users and Instagram followers increased to 2241 users.

These charts help with the visualization of the Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Public Relations:

Embark Marketing utilized local media contacts in San Antonio to help promote and create an aware audience for SoHill Cafe. During the six months, SoHill Cafe achieved a substantial amount of press. As a result, of our public relations efforts many articles were published, and statistics from social media show the direct link with PR articles.

We achieved 14 articles across 8 publications.

Why is Public Relations important?
Public relations is what drives more people organically to your brand. Therefore, without PR the traffic to the business’ site and social media sites would decrease tremendously.

Sales Analysis

Due to construction delays Embark Marketing was unable to capture sales data the first two months of contract because the restaurant was not open. Therefore, we spent this time building their social media platforms & generating buzz for the grand opening, which occurred on November 3, 2018. In the first four months of operations SoHill Cafe sales increased month over month on average by 65%. We contribute this success to the social buzz and public relations attained for their grand opening.

The marketing journey with SoHill Cafe over the last six months has been both exciting & successful. We enjoyed working with this client to increase brand awareness & sales through social media management, website development, public relations & more!

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