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Muck and Fuss Six Month Case Study

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About Muck and Fuss 

Muck and Fuss, located in the heart of the downtown district of New Braunfels, is a locally owned and operated restaurant with a chef-inspired menu. Owners Terry and Celina Muckenfuss have revitalized the historic Prince Solms Inn property, with a basement cocktail bar, Sidecar, and situated next door, the unique craft beer and burger restaurant. For more information about Muck and Fuss, check out their website and social media links provided below.

Muck and Fuss
295 E San Antonio St.
New Braunfels, TX 78130
(830) 255-7055
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


Muck & Fuss first engaged Embark Marketing in October of 2018 to develop a WordPress website & engage the local community for the grand opening of their business.

Embark Marketing took this opportunity to encourage the client to create a striking website that supported the guest experience, as well as engage in social media marketing and public relations to help increase brand awareness for the Grand Opening.

Website Development

When developing Muck & Fuss’s WordPress website, the client desired a responsive website that provided a clean look that was user friendly, mobile compatible & SEO enriched.

Since creation, Muck & Fuss has been able to capture more organic traffic, generated through web browsers such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

In addition to creating the site, Embark Marketing has also assisted Muck & Fuss in maintaining the site by providing updates and new capabilities that develop as the business grows.


Social Media Marketing

Embark Marketing focused on three social media platforms for Muck and Fuss: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We felt that these platforms would be the most beneficial in order to reach the desired audience. The goal of Muck and Fuss’s social media was to build and maintain brand awareness, while promoting upcoming specials and events. Below you can see our overall improvements and engagement of Muck and Fuss social media.


Over the past six month Facebook page likes accumulated to 4,470 users.
In the first quarter we saw a 367.80% increase and
in the second quarter a 20.03% increase.

What does this mean?Increasing likes on a Facebook page helps with overall marketing by being able to expose your content to a targeted audience. It validates that the posts are being seen, it shows loyalty to the business, and it can show the improvement of the business.

Charts: This chart help with the visual representation of the Facebook account over the past six months.



Over the past six month Twitter followers grew to 118 users and
Instagram followers increased to 3352 users.

Charts:These charts help with the visualization of the Twitter and Instagram accounts.



Review Management:

Part of Muck and Fuss social media strategy included reputation management across platforms such as Google, Yelp, Facebook & Trip Advisor.

Muck and Fuss wanted to be one of the top restaurants on these review sites for their area and maintain a high star rating. Therefore, provided review management of all platforms, responding to customer concerns in a immediate and specific way. In addition responding to review, we encouraged customers to review Muck and Fuss on review platforms via social media promotion.

Since opening, Muck & Fuss has received 142 Yelp reviews with an average 4.5 stars and currently rank #3 on Top Restaurants. On Google they currently have 279 reviews with a 4.5 star average. Facebook now offers users to recommend business and currently Muck and Fuss has 234 users who recommend them. Lastly, Trip Advisor has nearly 30 reviews and a 4.5 star rating, ranking them #43 of #222 restaurants in New Braunfels.

Public Relations:

Embark Marketing utilized a regional public relations approach to help promote and create an aware audience for Muck and Fuss. Over the past six months, Muck and Fuss’s public relations has grown substantially.

The results of the public relations are evident in the many articles published, and statistics from social media that are directly linked with PR articles.

We achieved 18 articles across 18 Texas publications.

Why is Public Relations important?Public relations is what drives more people organically to your brand. Therefore, without PR the traffic to the business’ site and social media sites would decrease tremendously.

Email Marketing

Through the website development process, Embark Marketing recommended implementing a long-term email marketing strategy. Upon approval of the client, we implemented an email marketing program to stay engaged with new and interested customers.

We encouraged customer to sign up for a birthday club email list. By implementing this strategy we collected emails and grew their database. As a result of this an increase in both subscribers and in-store sales occurred.

In 6 months we achieved over 800 new users subscribers.

Sales Analysis

The venue at Muck & Fuss offers both seating indoors & outdoors, with out door seating attributing to nearly half of their total seating. Therefore, the business at Muck & Fuss is largely impacted by weather. After their Grand Opening in late October they saw a 39% increase in sales the following month. They did experience a decrease in sales during the winter months as expected, however the impact was less than anticipated due to high brand awareness on social media. In the month of March alone, Muck & Fuss saw a 48% increase in sales. We attributed this enormous increase in sales to the warmer weather.

The marketing journey with Muck & Fuss over the last six months has been both exciting & successful. We continue to work with this client to increase brand awareness & sales through social media management, email marketing, public relations & more!

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