Not Your Average Internship - Embark Marketing
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Not Your Average Internship

Not Your Average Internship

This internship was far from conventional. The amount of time we spent out of the office at meetings, photoshoots, and news stations gave me real world experience that I can take with me throughout my marketing journey.  My very first day as an Embark Marketing Intern began with a new client pitch on the riverwalk followed by a photoshoot across town. Talk about diving in head first! I was able to see firsthand how to pitch a client, including the selling techniques and persuasive style used to land them. At the multiple photoshoots I was able to attend, I learned some of the communications aspects of the industry and all the tips and tricks Kim and the photographer had to offer. It’s crazy how important angles, lighting, and placement affect the engagement photos and videos receive on social media. At our trip to the SA Live news station, I was able to see how our press releases unfolded once they were picked up. Being behind the scenes at all of these places was an experience I’ll never forget!

Hands-On Experience

All of these experiences combined with the everyday office work taught me so much about the marketing industry. From social media, public relations, and search engine optimization to photography, videography, and graphic design, I learned the ins and outs of how to successfully market a brand. My marketing internship gave me hands-on opportunities to write press releases, contact potential clients, and analyze how our work is impacting businesses. I was able to create and edit videos, shoot and edit content, and design logos throughout my internship. Kim’s knowledge, experience, and passion for her work reflects in everything she does and makes you want to emulate her dedication.

My Future in Marketing

My marketing internship prepared me for my career in more ways than I can name. The amount of knowledge and experience I now bring to the table sets me apart from the competition and has opened so many doors for me in the marketing and communications industry. Kim has really opened my eyes to the importance of networking and connections in order to be successful in my future and has already exposed me to those who can help me prosper.  This marketing internship paved a path for my future that I will always be grateful for.