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Aldo’s Ristorante Italiano Case Study

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About Aldo’s

Aldo’s Ristorante Italiano is a true Northern Italian delicacy that resides in San Antonio. It began with a chef dedicated to fine dining. Aldo Ghaffari started his restaurant career in Houston with his first job being a bus boy at a local Italian restaurant. His original plan for his future, at the time, had nothing to do with the food industry. But as time went on, his passion and commitment turned to Italian fine dining. Once he left Houston, Aldo choose to share his love for Italian cuisine with the San Antonio community. For more information about Aldo’s, see below to check out their website and social media.

Aldo’s Ristorante Italiano
8539 Fredericksburg Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78229
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Project – Aldo’s Ristorante Italiano

Aldo’s Ristorante Italiano and Embark Marketing teamed up in 2016 to increase the restaurants digital presence through social media, photography and videography. Additionally, Embark Marketing assisted with the restaurants public relations efforts, email marketing, and website maintence. Like most business owners now-a-days, Aldo’s aimed to connect with a new generation of consumers. Embark Marketing’s specific experience in the food and beverage industry, plus our appreciation for true fine Italian dining made us the perfect dynamic duo.

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Aldo’s Ristorante Italiano’s purpose was to enhance the brands digital prescence, build a customer database, and increase overall sales.

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Social Media Marketing

Embark Marketing focused on three social media platforms for Aldo’s: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We felt that these platforms would be the most benifical in order to reach the desired audience. Below you can see our overall improvements and engagement of Aldo’s social media.

Facebook likes increased by 56%, while reviews increased by 61.5% in six months!

Twitter followers increased by 97.7% in six months!

Instagram likes increased 97.8% in six months!

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Email Marketing

Aldo’s was looking for a way to stay connected to their customers, and wanted a platform that would provide updates about thier resturaunt. Embark Marketing felt that email marketing was the solution. We implemented several email marketing strategies that increased their subscriber database, and provided engaging email content that resulted in an increased open rate.

We gained Aldo’s 766 new email subscribers in six months!

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Public Relations

Embark Marketing utilized local media contacts in San Antonio to help promote and create an aware audience for Aldo’s. You can see all of the press Aldo’s recived while partnered with Embark Marketing here:

We achieved 46 articles across 28 platforms during 6 months!

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Website Development & Maintenance

Aldo’s website went through a total make over. We re-designed the site to provide a fresher look that was more user friendly, mobile compatible & SEO enriched. Aldo’s website became another avenue to self promote when Embark Marketing incorporated blogging to the site.

Website Traffic Results Compared to 2015
November 56.5% increase
December 27% increase
January 28% increase
Feburary 17.4% increase

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Storefront Sales

At Embark Marketing, we understood that bottom line, Aldo’s was looking to see an increase in sales. At the completion of our six month contract, we saw a successful trend in the amount of reservations made. It was truly amazing to see how marketing can truly change a busniess!

Using the Open Table reservation system we saw how our digital marketing strategies drove traffic to Aldo’s store front. There was a proven increase in reservations, party size and average daily customers, which in turn resulted in additional sales.

The purpose of digital marketing is to build and connect customers to your business by creating a relationship. Once the relationship between a busniess and customer is fully formed, you have a customer for life. The trick? Creating a relationship takes time. Customers like to feel that a company is trustworthy, and that their piority is on them. At Embark Marketing, we feel the best way to form this relationship is to engage frequently and let the relationship grow organically.

To learn more about Embark Marketing & what we can do for you business, please contact us here.