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Why Restaurants Benefit from Yelp Ads via Agencies

Are you looking for a way to take your restaurant to the next level? Look no further than Yelp advertising! With millions of hungry diners searching for their next culinary adventure on Yelp, it’s the perfect platform to get your restaurant noticed. But how do you ensure your ads reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message? By working with a marketing agency partnership, of course.

Free Yelp Profile vs. Enhanced Yelp Profile: What’s the Difference

Yes, you can (and should) create a free Yelp profile for your food and beverage business. There were over 512 Million searches for the term “Restaurant” on Yelp in 2019 alone, meaning that there are a lot of people looking for delicious spots to dine, just like yours. However, with a free profile, your restaurant is in danger of being lost in a sea of similar restaurants and will always be ranked lower than competitors who are spending ad dollars on Yelp. 

97% of people on Yelp searching for Restaurants make a purchase after visiting the platform. So why not capture those hungry mouths? Enhanced profiles are a great way to get your restaurant seen by more people, which is especially helpful to businesses that rely on physical locations due to the ability to location target users in your area along with those searching for similar cuisine types. We detail the features of an enhanced profile and how they can help grow your audience below.

DIY vs. Done Right

First off, let’s talk about benefits. Yelp advertising allows you to showcase your restaurant’s best features, such as mouth-watering dishes and cozy ambiance, to potential customers nearby. Plus, Yelp’s unique targeting algorithms allow you to reach customers based on their location, search intent, and previous dining habits. This means you can target those who are most likely to dine at your restaurant, and even incentivize them with promotional offers.

But why use a marketing agency partnership when you can just create Yelp ads yourself? Simple – because they’re the secret ingredient that takes your advertising endeavors to the next level! Just like a master chef needs a sous chef to execute a flawless meal, you need a marketing agency to expertly handle your Yelp ads. 

You could create your own ads, but working with a marketing agency brings a whole host of benefits along with their years of marketing expertise. For starters, a marketing agency can help you define your advertising goals, develop creative ad concepts, and provide guidance on budgeting and bidding strategies. They have experience creating and executing campaigns across multiple digital channels, including Yelp. Plus, they can handle all the technical details, like tracking and analyzing campaign performance, leaving you to focus on running the day-to-day operations of your restaurant.

What Do You Get With An Agency Partnership?

When users land on your Yelp page, they will also see your competition as well as user uploaded content and reviews. With an agency by your side, your Yelp profile will be curated to stand out from the crowd. With enhanced profile features, competitor ads are removed, meaning the user is solely focused on your business. Additionally, control over what content is displayed on your page is in the agency’s hands, meaning you will always be able to showcase the best of your business through images. 

Businesses with agency partnerships also have the exclusive opportunity to have a video on their profile as well as the ability to set up a call to action button to direct user action, such as online ordering or reservations. Also included is the ability to add highlights to your profile, quickly allowing users to identify key aspects of your business such as dining options, amenities, & ambiance. 

Restaurants who partner with agencies also receive incentives such as free Yelp ads credits, as well as access to exclusive marketing tools that allow for deeper insights into how your business is performing. One especially helpful feature, called Yelp Storefront, allows agencies to track those who visit your business page on Yelp and then visit your physical location. This allows for a deeper understanding of how effective the Yelp ad has been in converting web visitors into foot traffic.

Ad Targeting: Your Key to Success

Targeting is one of the most important parts of any advertising campaign, and a marketing agency can help ensure your ads are reaching the right people. They can work with you to define your ideal customer profile and use Yelp’s targeting options to reach that audience. For example, if your restaurant is known for its vegan options, a marketing agency can ensure your ads are reaching Yelp users who have searched for vegan or vegetarian restaurants in your area. This kind of targeted advertising can help maximize your ad spend and drive real results for your restaurant.


Yelp advertising is a great way to get your restaurant noticed by hungry diners. But to get the most out of your advertising dollars, it’s worth partnering with a marketing agency. They can help you define your goals, develop creative ad concepts, and target your ideal audience, ensuring your ads drive real results and hungry diners to your restaurant. As a restaurant owner, your plate is already full (pun intended!). Let the experts take the reins on your Yelp ads so you can focus on what you do best: creating unforgettable dining experiences.

So why not take the leap and start your delicious advertising adventure on Yelp today? Embark Marketing provides full service Yelp advertising and management services to restaurants, allowing you to focus on the day to day operations of your restaurant and providing you with support from a team of experts that are dedicated to your success. Contact us today to learn more about our Yelp Agency Partnership Program and how we can help get your restaurant in front of millions of potential diners.