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Exterior of Havana Grill building

Havana Grill Website Case Study


Havana Grill, out of San Diego California, serves up classic Cuban cuisine with a tropical Miami vibe. The family owned and operated eatery has been in operation since 2014 & recently expanded to a secondary location in the Westfield Mission Valley neighborhood.

5450 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Suite G
San Diego, CA 92117
1652 Camino Del Rio N. FS19
San Diego, CA 92108



In October of 2023, the owners of Havana Grill contacted Embark Marketing to help migrate their current website to a less expensive alternative. With the expansion to a second location as well as lingering post-Covid issues, the owners were looking for a solution to cut down monthly expenses while maintaining the same level of quality service to their customers. Already being a social media client for Embark Marketing, the team was familiar with the brand & their goals.

Screenshot of previous Havana Grill website.
Screenshot of previous Havana Grill website
Screenshot of new Havana Grill website
Screenshot of new Havana Grill website


The main pain point for the owners was the current Content Management System (CMS) as a very expensive monthly expenditure. While it did offer proprietary features that helped to streamline the restaurant’s digital presence and operations, several of these features were being underutilized & costing the restaurant a large amount of revenue. In speaking with the owner about which features were essential, it was determined that a Squarespace site would be the most cost effective solution while still allowing for features deemed important.


With the expansion to the Mission Valley location, there was also a switch for internal Point of Sale (POS) systems. The original location uses an older POS while the new location was outfitted with Toast. For the site, we wanted to maintain the Call To Action (CTA) as online ordering for both locations. Additionally, we wanted to provide a single link for all customers connected to the site for simplicity’s sake and use across social media platforms. 

With the elimination of the previous all in one system, a solution was offered to create a landing page for the online ordering page. This page would house two buttons to direct customers to the proper location for ordering. This allowed both POS systems to remain in place while allowing for more hits to the website. Additionally, this allowed for a single CTA in the header of the site.


One proprietary feature on the previous site was an internal review system for each menu item. While this is a great tool for SEO & audience engagement, it was deemed unnecessary as it was too costly for the return on investment. In order to preserve the reviews already present on the site, a solution was proposed to copy all current reviews and include them on a separate page with anchor links to each item. Squarespace does not have an internal review system, however, this allowed for the preservation of the previous reviews and allowed new users to receive feedback about each menu item to facilitate their dining decisions.


In conjunction with the new site, the restaurant was undergoing slight renovations to update their brand to a more tropical Miami-style venue. This brand redesign was incorporated into the new site with pops of hot pink & turquoise to go along with the inspiration of the verdant plant life seen at the locations. Colors were used as highlights for headings and to draw attention to pertinent information, such as CTA buttons. 


Embark Marketing was able to help Havana Grill by eliminating a large monthly expense. The replacement website maintains the same level of functionality with a far smaller price tag and the ability to customize the look and feel. While some elements of the previous CMS were unable to be replicated due to limitations of the current platform, the owners are happy with the results and can now redirect the funds allocated to further expansion and marketing efforts.

Are you looking for a more cost effective solution for your restaurant’s website? Embark Marketing can offer several options tailored to your specific needs and areas of focus. We have built dozens of sites for food and beverage clients all over the US. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help your business grow.