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Oh Cecilia, You’re Breaking My Heart

My name is Cecilia and this summer I was lucky enough to intern with Embark Marketing. With graduation slowly creeping up on me, I realized I had no experience in the field I’m getting my degree in. That realization was unsettling, so one day I went on Handshake and started applying for internships. I never imagined I would intern for such an amazing mentor and agency.

My Experience

It’s one thing reading a textbook and attending classes related to marketing and it’s another thing using it in the real world. There are things one can’t just learn from sitting in a lecture hall and this experience proves that. The Cecilia that entered this experience had no prior internships so the first thing that comes to mind when I thought of them was the stereo-typical student you see in the movies who runs and gets coffee but do they ever really learn anything? Embark Marketing is the complete opposite. Kim cares so much about her business, interns, and clients and it shows.

What I Learned

Although this internship was unpaid, the amount of marketing skills I have acquired for future endeavors is worth much more than money. Kim pushed me to be independent and confident in my work, which was something I had been struggling with. I learned the importance of customer engagement, social media presence, software such as WordPress, Spout Social, the structure of press releases, and networking. I learned that each client is different and requires a different strategy. The most important thing I will take with me is, in order to make the most of marketing you have to do your research. Kim is constantly searching and trying to find new ways to change the unknowns and stereotypes about digital marketing in an industry that is not easy to persuade. Her determination and work ethic has shown me that whatever may happen in this field you must move with, and evolve, not go against.

The Breakup

As the summer comes to an end, I am going to miss this internship. My favorite part was just coming to work. Kim, Carolyn and Gaby have helped me in more ways I could ever have imagined and I am so thankful. I am going to miss the sweetest pup, LeeLou, wailing from excitement from the top of the couch every time I walked through the front door.

So, if you get a chance to intern at Embark, do it. You will be a better student, employee, and person in whatever you do because of this agency.

All the love.