My Embark Marketing Internship Inspired Me To Chase My Dreams - Embark Marketing
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My Embark Marketing Internship Inspired Me To Chase My Dreams

Teacher speaking… I mean UTSA business marketing student. All jokes aside it’s my last semester of College and I have no idea what I’m doing with my life and that’s okay. That’s where my Embark Marketing Internship comes in. This is not going to be some sob story about a college student not finding her place in life. But an uplifting story about how someone who continues to chase her dreams can inspire others to chase theirs.

The Big Switch

My internship at Embark Marketing has been many things to me; a place to learn, a place to laugh, a place to make mistakes, a place to form friends. As someone who had spent most of my time in college pursuing an education degree and working toward being a teacher, the switch to business marketing was difficult for me. Business marketing is vastly different from Education. Throughout pursuing my Marketing degree I had doubts if I was making the right decision.

Gaining Experience

My Embark Marketing Internship has shown me a side of marketing they don’t teach in school. Dare I say it… THE FUN SIDE. Whoever knew learning about SEO, website building, and creating content could be so fun. The nitty gritty days were, well, nitty gritty, but there was something inspiring about working with Kim. There are going to be easy days and hard days wherever you go. It’s what you do with those days that matter and that’s something Kim does well.

Always Chase Your Dreams

It’s not an easy task deciding to chase your dreams. Interning with Embark Marketing has shown me that it’s possible. Kim Beechner with Embark Marketing has taught me that through strive and determination you have the ability to accomplish even the most difficult tasks.

I’ve realized that it’s ok if I don’t know my exact direction, but to continue to gain knowledge and experience until I do.

In conclusion, Embark Marketing has helped me grow professionally and taught me that if there’s a will there’s a way. Always have the perseverance to achieve your greatest dreams in life. Live your life to the fullest and make your dreams come true.