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Interning with Embark Marketing

In June of 2009 I graduated from John Marshall High School. After walking the stage I vowed I would go far from San Antonio. You see San Antonio, at the time, had been a place to live, but it was not my home. I did not know where home was, but I was on a mission to find it. My mission did not really begin until I graduated from university in 2013. Then too, I vowed to find my place in the world.

Embark Marketing

First, I traveled to the Netherlands, then to Norway. Somehow I ended up in China for two years. After China I backpacked my way from the Gobi Desert in Mongolia all the way down to the volcanic island of Bali, Indonesia. My travels brought me back to Europe in 2015. In Berlin, specifically the neighborhood of Kreuzberg, I thought I had found home; however, circumstances brought me back to San Antonio the following year.

Growing Pains

In all honesty, I resented being returned to San Antonio. This sentiment was compounded heavily by the fact that I missed my family and friends in Europe. Life is life though, and sometimes you have to go with the flow it all. This is not to say ambition and willpower don’t play a role, simply that some things are meant to be. The year of 2016 was a year of growth for me. While I like to believe I am a child, 2016 was a testament to the realization that I am an adult. At the turn of 2017, another vow was made. I had to succeed, to do better for myself in all areas.

It wasn’t long after that I reached out to Kim Beechner of Embark Marketing. I introduced myself, and expressed my interest in the field of marketing, advertising, and communications. After a few months I got the call for an interview. It was obvious rather quickly that Kim and I would get on well. Her charismatic demeanor, straight-forward personality, and pertinent knowledge grasped my interest. I was eager to learn from her, and I hoped she would choose me. A week later I found that she did.

Embark Marketing

What A Ride

My time with Embark Marketing has been an incredible journey. This professional growth has coincided with my own personal growth. I won’t say that Kim and Embark Marketing has made San Antonio a home, but they both definitely have had an influence in making it so. In addition to learning about the backends of website building, SEO writing, press releases, videography, social media, and blogging, Embark Marketing has helped open my eyes to the potential of San Antonio. So much is happening here, and will continue to happen. The city is on the verge of a metropolitan expansion, and it’s quite exciting!

Finding My Place

Embark Marketing

In conclusion, thank you Embark Marketing for giving me a chance for this growth. Not only has this boutique food and beverage marketing agency given me a foundation on which to spring forward professionally, it has made me realize that the place I was so desperate to leave in my younger years has been home all along. And for this I will be forever grateful.