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Inspiring Food Films for the New Year!

Happy New Year from the Embark Marketing Team! We wish you success in achieving your New Year’s goals. And we’re here to help inspire our San Antonio foodies to attain theirs with some food films.

The most common resolutions for food enthusiast is to eat healthier or to explore their food palette. Well, for some motivation we picked five Netflix features you can binge on. These shows and movies will definitely get you moving and itching to create something great in the kitchen.

1. Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table is a show that explores the world’s master chefs. These chefs are the elite and have the credentials to back it up. Most of the chefs in the show have Michelin Stars. For those who don’t know what a Michelin Star is, it is a rating for restaurants that solely focuses on their food. The technique, consistency, and quality of the food are all factors in the judgement. Also, the amazing aspect of this show is that it follows the journey these chefs take as they started from the bottom and now there here. In the first season you’re taken from Italy to Australia and get to meet chefs like Francis Mallmann. Master chef, Mallmann originates from Argentina and our President, Kim Beechner, expects to dine at his Buenos Aires restaurant Patagonia Del Sur, come January 2017.

2. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Ono is 85 years old and a receiver of three Michelin Stars. His restaurant, Sukiyabashi,  is a seclusion as it only seats ten people and a reservation is considered a miracle. His serving style is also unconventional as he only gives you sushi at its prime. This prime moment has to do with temperature, taste, and texture. Once he serves your delicacy, don’t add anything and don’t even think about using chopsticks.  With all of his success, he still feels as if there is more to learn. Jiro not only blows your mind about the all of the techniques, ingredients and time that goes into sushi, but he also teaches you a life lesson.

Jiro Food Films

Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

“Once you decide on your occupation, you must immerse yourself in your work. You have to fall in love with your work. Never complain about your job. You must dedicate your life to mastering your skill. That’s the secret to success and it is the key to being regarded honorably.” – Jiro Ono

3. Searching for General Tso 

Who is General Tso? This documentary searches for the original creator of the General Tso. In America this dish is on the menu at almost any Chinese restaurant. So where did it come from? This Sundance documentary travels to China in search for the real OG. They ask the local people of China their opinions of the traditional American dish, and their reactions will surprise you. The local people aren’t too sure about who General Tso is either. So the journey begins and the film exposes you to the difference between the American and Chinese cultures. Will they find General Tso?

4. Street Food Around the World 

For those who really love to travel and experience the native foods of a country, Street Food Around the World, is the show for you. The host of the show Ishai Golan starts with breakfast every episode and introduces you to how local people eat. It all starts with breakfast and ends with a midnight snack. The film also shows true quality as nothing is staged. The people around the camera are literally staring at the camera sometimes like its a foreign object. The show has two seasons, so you can go full binge mode.

Street Food Around the World Food Films

5. Fannie’s Last Supper 

Fannie’s Last Supper reflects back on Fannie Farmer, a cook way ahead of her time. She was the first person to ever use measurements in a cook book and you can even buy her book on Amazon right now!  In this film, Erin McMurrer and her mentor Chris Kimball remake a 12 course meal in remembrance of a meal Fannie made is 1896. McMurrer goes through the cook book and stays true to it to pay tribute to the original creator. It’s a fun film that takes you back in time and makes you realize that food has always been important to the American culture.

These food films will definitely inspire anyone who watches these Netflix features. So as the New Year kicks off, take some time to appreciate a Netflix binge and get mentally prepared for your great creations. Don’t forget to check with us in February for our interview with our president, Kim Beechner, about her visit to Patagonia Del Sur in Argentina. Once again happy New Year!