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Take Your Web Presence to the Next Level

Think of your website as the front door to your business. Whether your a digital brand or have a brick and mortar, your customers are without a doubt, viewing your digital presence. In fact, 82% of customers say they research the company before making a purchase decision.

Website Development

Our websites are unique & beautifully built, providing a positive visual experience, with easy usability & compatibility across all platforms. Not sure what to say on your website? Don’t worry! We offer professional SEO keyword enriched copywriting and professional photography to make your website stand out above the rest.

Search Engine Optimization

Ever wonder how businesses get on page one of Google, or any other search engine? The answer is search engine optimization, or SEO.

Many of our clients ask, what exactly is SEO? Well, think of it like this…

There are over 1 billion websites on the internet today. When you type a search term into a search engine, that search engine must scan all of the websites on the internet and narrow down the ones that specifically relate to your search term. This is done using a secret recipe called an algorithm.

While SEO is a long term investment for your business, it is important to give your website the ingredients it needs in order to be found first. Embark Marketing offers several SEO programs specific to your business. While some companies charge anywhere from $1,000-$2,000 for this service, we offer a competitive rate with no required annual contract.

What makes us different than other SEO/SEM companies?

  1. We optimize 120 keywords, not 12 or 15. More keywords = More Traffic!
  2. We build 120 SEO copywriting pages
  3. We send you monthly, detailed SEO ranking reports showing all your rankings in the top 5 search engines. See Item # 12.
  4. We practice onging link building, Link Equity, in items 13 – 17.
  5. Low price! We offer Madison Avenue SEO / SEM at an 80%+ Savings!
  6. Our operations model does NOT include BMWs, 6 figure salaries, highrise building rents, etc. etc. Why should YOU pay for these?
  7. Compare our 17 point plan with ANY other program nationwide!
  8. We offer a Guarantee.
  9. Our average client has over 700 Page 1 Rankings on their keyword phrases in the top 5 search engines.
  10. Our program is month-to-month. No annual contract, no $2,000 install fee, no constant attempts to sell-up to a more expensive program.

What Kinds of Results Can You Expect?

Most clients see this progression:

  1. Before SEO – 2 to 4 page 1s based upon proper nouns in your business.
  2. At end of month 1 the average client has approx. 100 Page 1 rankings.
  3. At end of month 2 the average client has approx. 200 Page 1 rankings.

Let's Create a Unique Website for Your Business