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Let us Manage Your Social Media Marketing

Your customers expect to be able to view your business on any social media platform they use, at any time they want & recieve accurate, up-to-date information about your company. Once your customers begin looking at your business online, the key to keeping them is to create engaging content that is both informative and entertaining.


What is Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing involves everything in the digital world where you are able to directly engage and interact with your customers. This includes social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat, but also reputation management on local listings and review websites like Yelp, Zomato, Trip Advisor & Google.


Here at Embark Marketing, we understand that creating engaging content and managing social media can be very time consuming. Our goal is relieve you of this task & allow you more time to focus on business operations and the people who matter most: your customers.

How Can Embark Marketing Help

The food & beverage industry specifially has exploded on social media lending positively to restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, bars & more. The foodie culture has made social media marketing a standard that must be implemented and maintained for the longevity, and success of your business.

We provide your business with a custom social media marketing plan that best represents your brand. Once approved, we get to work growing your digital relationships and engaging within your online social networks to enhance your social influence and reputation.

Great company that truly gets the social media world and how to use that platform to help grow your company.

- Doug A.

Owner of The Hangar, The Ringer Pub, The Three Legged Monkey & Stout House

Let's Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Business