Instagram introduced Instagram Highlights as a brand new feature in 2017 and this comes as a great opportunity.

This new addition allows you to permanently collect and display your favorite parts of stories that you have posted in the past. Normally the stories you post will disappear within 24 hours of their appearance. However, now these clips can permanently live on your profile until you decide to delete them. When you post any story now, it will automatically save in your story archive. You can pull up the archive and chose to make it a Highlight. You can find the Instagram Highlights right underneath your bio. They appear as picture icons that are ready to click and play

So to add a highlight to your profile click the “New+” icon below your bio. All of your past stories will pop up from your archive. Select the pictures and videos you wish to group together in the order you wish for them to appear and click Next. You can then chose which story you want to appear in the icon and name your highlight. Click Add and the Highlight will then be available on your profile just underneath your bio.

A great way to organize and give your Highlights all a uniform look is to create branded Highlight covers. You can have a lot of fun making these covers match your profile. Canva will help you find great templates that are easily customizable and provides free icons to refine your covers.

Because they appear first on your page, these Highlights provide a great opportunity for you to control what your audience sees when they initially view your profile. You can pick the most important information and features to be seen before a customer delves into the rest of your profile. This also adds value to your Stories because they are no longer fickle content that only gets viewed for 24 hours. You now create long streams of information that save to your profile permanently.

To master the Instagram Highlight feature is to tap into great opportunities. For more information on social media strategies and management contact Embark Marketing today!